Man of Steel 2 Rumors: Is Josh Brolin the Frontrunner to Play Batman?

The shockwaves from the announcement at Comic-Con this year that Batman and Superman will be meeting in Man of Steel 2 are still being felt. Now that we all know the film is happening, the question that popped into the heads of fans almost instantly was who will play Batman when he shows up on screen next?

It’s a question we’ve been pondering since The Dark Knight Rises, as Christian Bale will never again be stepping into the cowl and cape. But before we were just dreaming up a fantasy list of a range of actors who could play the part, now we know more specifics which allow us to narrow our list.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Zack Snyder and Warner Bros will be looking for a middle-age Batman and Josh Brolin seems to be a frontrunner.

Per a THR report:

Warner Bros likes [Brolin] a lot. He starred in the studio’s Gangster Squad, and that’s after he toplined the studio’s 2010 dud Jonah Hex. He’s also attached to star in Warners’ Quasimodo project as well as Crazy for the Storm. Plus, he already has a Frank Miller connection: he leads the cast of Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, Robert Rodriguez’s upcoming take on the Miller crime comics.

(Two sources say Brolin is the frontrunner at this stage, but a studio source dismisses the chatter, saying that the casting process hasn’t even begun.)

We’ll take the studio source over the two others but Brolin’s name is appearing at the top of a lot of lists now that a 40-something Batman is what Snyder and Warner Bros seem to be after. Borys Kit went on to list a slew of other very eligible names like Ryan Gosling, Joe Manganiello and even Matthew Goode.

As Kit stated in his piece, approach all rumors with much caution as the casting process has just begun and Warner Bros isn’t about to rush a big decision like casting the next Batman. Last time that happened, we got Batman & Robin and there are people still to this day in therapy trying to recover.

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