Pacific Rim: Guillermo del Toro Originally Wanted Newt as Villain in Sequel

Pacific Rim is performing very slowly at the domestic box office but it has exploded worldwide and already has an intense and loyal fanboy following. Right now that means two of the three things that need to happen in order for a sequel to be produced are happening but if Pacific Rim ever does get a next chapter, one thing you won’t see is Guillermo del Toro’s original vision.

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According to, del Toro’s original idea for a Pacific Rim sequel was to have Charlie Day’s character of Doctor Newton “Newt” Geiszler turn to the dark side in a way and become a villain. Day spoke with Screen Crave and confirmed as much when asked about his character, however he admitted that the way audiences have connected with Newt might cause some problems if he were to become a villain.

“I remember when I first met with [Del Toro] that he liked the idea of Newt becoming a bit of a villain in the second film,” Day said, via “But, I think over the course of making the film, and the way the character resonated with the audience, I don’t think he would want to turn him into a villain now, but I really have no idea.”

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As H. Shaw-Williams pointed out in his interview piece, the first film didn’t end with an obligatory opening to a possible sequel and actually wrapped things up rather neatly. It really all comes down to how much del Toro wants to return to the world he created and how badly audiences want to see it. Those factors will determine if executives want to pay for it, however the idea of seeing Newt as a villain is an interesting topic of debate, sequel or not.


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