Harrison Ford joins Expendables 3 Cast; Bruce Willis Drops Out

I’ll take your aged John McClane and raise you an aged Han Solo. That’s the situation right now as Expendables 3 prepares to begin production as according to multiple reports including on one CinemaBlend.com, Harrison Ford has replaced Bruce Willis in the cast of Expendables 3.

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Sylvester Stallone made the casting announcement official via his Twitter account.

It’s an odd choice for Ford who has never been the traditional action star the way basically everyone in the cast of Expendables is. Ford starred in Tom Clancy films in the 90s as well as The Fugitive and other thriller style films whereas the likes of Stallone, Schwarzenegger and others were in explosive action films.

To further matters along, Stallone appears to have had a falling out with Willis as the tweet immediately following the announcement of Ford in the cast seemed to be directed at someone who is lazy, greedy and no longer a cast member.

This seems to be directed at Willis but there’s really no way to confirm that other than to speculate the timelines of the tweet. Still, the meat of the story is that Ford has joined the awesome running joke that is the Expendables movies and the third film will likely draw in another large audience waiting to see how Han Solo and Indiana Jones fits into what Stallone has created.

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