Bret Easton Ellis Isn't Sure Why People Don't Like 'The Canyons'

It was supposed to revive the career of Lindsey Lohan. It was supposed to be the first time that a pornographic actor made the successful jump to Hollywood. The main minds behind it were Paul Schrader and one of the most edgy authors in the last 30 years. Instead of being a hit, Bret Easton Ellis’ The Canyons has come and gone without so much as a whimper and the only noise being made about the film is generally negative.

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This is apparently confusing to Ellis who talked to The Hollywood Reporter and expressed confusion over why the film is being so poorly received by everyone who gets within five feet of it.

“I think that the hatred for the movie is disproportionate to the movie itself,” he says. “And I don’t know if Lindsay brings something to that. I don’t know if casting James did something, or if I’m such a polarizing figure,” Ellis said the The Hollywood Reporter. “We made this movie ourselves with no money, we didn’t take $30 million from a studio. We did this on our own,” he says. “I’m kind of confused by the loudness of the dislike.”

Billed as an erotic thriller and starring one of the most popular male porn stars in the business today (so much so that ABC actually did a story with him), it’s not hard to believe why so many serious critics are laughing at the film. But when one of the main points of interest leading up to the release is whether or not Lohan will have actual sex on camera, you know you’re not in for an Oscar-worthy experience.

The film currently holds a 22 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and the consensus seems to be that critics are just embarrassed beyond belief for Schrader being associated with the mess. But Ellis isn’t willing to give up on the film, citing his hit novel American Psycho as a reason to hold out hope that critics will eventually come around.

“The reviews for this movie are actually better than for American Psycho, the book, when it was published,” Ellis said, via” I got no good reviews for that book at the time. So, my armor was built a long time ago.”


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