Man of Steel 2: Mark Strong to Be Cast As Lex Luthor?

Mark Strong is reportedly up for the role of Lex Luthor in Batman Vs. Superman, the sequel to Man of Steel according to Digital Spy.

In an interview with the website, Strong hinted at the villainous role when asked about the rumors of his involvement with the Man of Steel sequel by telling them: “All I can say is… watch this space.”

With the way things are going, Strong is headed towards being typecast as a villain after playing the villain in numerous movies, including Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and Kick-Ass, to name a few.

Strong is no stranger to the DC Comics universe. He played Sinestro in the 2011 disappointment, Green Lantern. If he is seriously being considered, I cannot imagine that version of Green Lantern that came out in 2011 would be a part of where DC Entertainment wants to go with things regarding the Justice League members.

Other actors that the fans are clamoring for include Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston. Michael Rosenbaum, who played Luthor in Smallville, would like to reprise the role in the film. There are other actors, too, that will likely be considered but you can’t go wrong with Strong or Cranston in my mind.

David Goyer is writing the story for the sequel with director Zach Snyder.

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