Why didn't Jerry Seinfeld transition to a movie career?

Jerry Seinfeld starred on the hit NBC sitcom, Seinfeld, from it’s debut on July 5, 1989, to to the ninth season series finale on May 14, 1998. I often wonder why didn’t he do what George Clooney did and transition to a career in movies?

Clooney was a star of ER from 1994 until leaving the series after the 5th season in 1999. He made two trips back to the show in the 6th season and 15th season as a special guest star. Since leaving the medical drama, Clooney made a name for himself in film.

Jerry Seinfeld chose not to go that route. Sure, the sitcom was huge but he never really did a live-action feature film that was released in theaters. In 2007, Seinfeld starred in the animated comedy, Bee Movie, but that’s it.

His television appearances? There’s not much of a difference here. All Seinfeld has done is play himself.

Seinfeld’s background is in stand-up comedy so it makes sense that he’s mainly stuck to performing stand-up comedy or appearing as himself in documentaries. Robin Williams and others were the same way and they’ve gone on to a lengthy career on the big screen rather than stick to performing stand-up.

It’s just food for thought. It’s not like he needs to money after everything that he has earned from the series in syndication and DVD sales.

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