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Controversial Documentary 'Blackfish' Causes Pixar to Change 'Finding Dory' Ending

Just a disclaimer before we get started here: I’m no fan of Sea World or parks/zoos like Sea World. It seems to me, one of the cruelest things man has ever done is open a park that keeps 30 foot Orcas in tanks that offer a substantially smaller area of water for said animal to swim in. That’s not to mention the questionable tactics used to capture these animals. And while many of the trainers and caretakers in these places I’m sure mean well, I love it when documentaries come out that expose parks for the sorts of practices that go on in these environments.

One of those documentaries has again been released and it is called Blackfish and it is directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. The film argues the ethics behind keeping orcas in captivity and seems to argue that these creatures are in fact psychologically damaged by living in parks like Sea World.

Sea World has subsequently entered a legal and PR battle.

This controversy has forced the writers of Finding Dory, the sequel to Andrew Stanton‘s Finding Nemo, to find a new ending for their movie, so says a Pixar employee according to The New York Times. Or at least change some aspects of it so that they will prove less controversial.

Apparently, the ending features a Sea World-esque park and the rewrite apparently establishes that “the animals at the aquatic center in the film will have the option to leave.”

It’s very odd and, while I appreciate the change, I wish the ending could not include these aquatic centers in a positive light at all. Granted, the story is young and the details of it are still a mystery to the vast majority of people on this earth, but I really hope that the rewrite is more substantial than a simple “option to leave”.

The orcas, dolphins, seals and other aquatic life in places like Sea World don’t have that option and I hope that Finding Dory doesn’t condone captivity of those creatures. Finding Nemo sure as Hell didn’t. There was an entire subplot in that picture involving a “jailbreak” of sorts and freedom was very much an object of desire for fish in that film. I hope that the fish in Finding Dory have that same desire.

Here is the trailer for Blackfish, which is in theaters now.

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