'The Star Wars': 8-Issue Series Featuring George Lucas' Rough Draft Original Screenplay

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It’s no secret that we here at FlickSided are huge fans of Star Wars (“fans” is a term I use conservatively, we’re crazy about it here). Anyone who fancies themselves a Star Wars scholar surely knows of the various legends that have to do with George Lucas‘ epic crusade to get the story done, filmable and ultimately successful.

And of those many stories are the oft-quoted tales of Lucas’ original rough draft. Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia and Han Solo were all there from the beginning. But Luke was an older man (certainly much older than the mid-20s Mark Hamill) and Han was an alien, whose scaly appearance worried Fox studio execs.

The original rough draft is a holy grail for fans of the series. Everyone wants to know what Lucas’ original ideas were…even if they were rejected or drastically different from what we have become accustomed to.

Dark Horse has heard those calls and is preparing to release an 8-issue series entitled The Star Wars (Lucas’ original title for the film) and will feature adapted text from that original screenplay.  And there’s even a trailer:

I love how the art is very indicative of Ralph McQuarrie, who provided early concept art for all the characters in Lucas’ rough draft, including Lizard Han.

The Star Wars #1 hits shelves September 4th and is drawn by Mike Mayhew and written by LucasBooks executive editor JW Rinzler.

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