Star Wars, Harry Potter and the Top 10 John Williams Scores of All-Time

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Last week, John Williams was announced to be working on his seventh score for Star Wars, Episode VII. It was a move that was expected by some, doubted by many and pleasantly surprised by most to be sure. I was part of the group of people that was sure Kathleen Kennedy, the new head of LucasFilm and Episode VII’s producer, would push for director J. J. Abrams stalwart composer, Michael Giacchino. Giacchino after all is an unapologetic disciple of Williams’ and it made sense to turn over the reins to the third Star Wars trilogy score over to new hands (a la the trilogy’s director, producer, writer, cast, etc.).

But you won’t find this writer complaining about a new Star Wars score composed by arguably the greatest living composer of film and classical music. For over four decades, Williams has graced the screen with classic themes filled with grandeur, wonder, beauty and even horror. One can listen to a complete John Williams score and get the accompanying film’s entire story just with the music playing. Lord knows I’ve been known to relive his (and his director’s) greatest screen moments while driving along the canyons of Southern California on a daily basis.

What better way to celebrate the return of John Williams to Star Wars than to chronicle the best compositions of his illustrious career?

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