Breaking Bad: Star Trek Pie Eating Episode Gets Animated (Video)

Breaking Bad is an insanely popular show but nothing illustrates just how into it people are than the lighting fast response to Badger’s now infamous Star Trek pie eating episode pitch. While the actual scene from the show has already popped up online, it took less than 12 hours for Badger’s fictional Star Trek episode to get animated.

Matt Czap at spent the night animating Bader’s pitch about a Star Trek episode that features the crew of The Enterprise stranded in space with nothing better to do than kill the time eating blueberry pie while Scotty beams said pie out of Chekov’s stomach. The episode ends when Scotty accidentally beams Chekov’s organs into space.

It was bizarre, it was “out there” and it was absolutely hilarious. What’s even funnier is Czap helping Badger’s Star Trek pitch come to life.

Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan actually came up with Badger’s idea for a Star Trek episode before the show even started and according to Vulture, has been wanting to use it in Breaking Bad since the first season.

The idea was finally used in Sunday night’s premiere of the second half of the last season of Breaking Bad and like mostly everything that happens in the show, it was well worth the wait.


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