Breaking Bad Star Trek Scene: Badger Geeks Out Over Star Trek and Blueberries (Video)

On last night’s final season premiere of Breaking Bad, we all got a taste of what Star Trek would have looked like if the goofy and often lovable character of Badger had gotten a hold of the television series. In a much needed break from the intensity of the show, Jessie, Badger and Skinny Pete are all sitting around smoking pot, eating pizza and fantasizing about an unrealized Star Trek episode that Badger apparently wrote.

The premise of the episode Badger pitches (in a very incoherent state of mind) revolves around a the crew of the Enterprise being stranded in neutral space with nothing to do. So in order to fill the time and kill their boredom, they hold a pie eating contest in which Scotty is beaming pies out of Chekov’s stomach in order to allow him to win the contest but with very gross and dire consequence.

However, the story behind the gag episode pitch centers on a real concept that Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan has been telling for years. According to a story on Vulture, Gilligan has been wanting to tell his pie eating contest Star Trek idea on the show since the first season and finally got his chance on the mid-season premiere of Breaking Bad.

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