Greg Mottola still wants to direct features

Greg Mottola tells Indiewire that he still wants to direct features.

Mottola is best known, at this point, for directing the 2007 hit film, SuperBad, starring Michael Cera and Jonah Hill. Mottola also directed Adventureland. Daytrippers, and the alien comedy, Paul.

Mottola said that there was “no dialogue in the script” for Clear History so almost every line was improvised in the HBO movie.

One question that really struck me was about making a TV movie without having to think about what the film brings in at the box office. Mottola’s response:

That’s interesting, since it started out as an indie film. It wasn’t meant to be an HBO movie and the reason we moved it to HBO was that — it’s symbolic of where movie financing is this days, or the state of the two different mediums, that we got into a lot of arguments about casting with the company that was going to make it. It wasn’t a studio, it was an indie arm of a studio.

The indie arm being Fox Searchlight and they parted amicably, Mottola says.

On the switch from indie movie to TV movie, Mottola said that he “was sad about it and wanted to do the movie for a movie theater but I’m not the first one to talk about how a lot of stuff that used to happen in movie theaters is happening on TV now.”

Mottola is currently adapting The Marriage Plot with author Jeffrey Eugenides. He would like to direct it at some point.

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