ESPN Monday Night Football Intro Features Darth Vader, Calvin Johnson and John Lennon

ESPN has been looking for a new Monday Night Football intro ever since Hank Williams Jr. inserted his foot into his mouth when he brought up President Obama and Adolf Hitler in the same comparison. That bit of freedom of speech, otherwise known as a brain fart, cost Williams the legendary Are You Ready For Some Football gig and left ESPN without an intro.

Enter football aficionado and action filmmaker Peter Berg who has assembled the new intro which will debut with ESPN’s first week of Monday Night Football airings this September.

According to an exclusive for The Hollywood Reporter, Berg has pieced together various clips from the past 30 years that represent significant pop culture and political events. The new intro will mash together epic cinematic moments and characters with political events and hot NFL stars like Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson and Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

“Whether it be presidents being elected, great films, 9/11, Katrina — these are moments that we all remember culturally and somehow dealt with on Monday Night Football,” Berg said, via The Hollywood Reporter. “We weren’t allowed to watch television, but we were allowed to watch Monday Night Football. So it always had this special, secret holiday association for me.”

There is apparently a ton of Disney pom pom cheering as well with classic characters being flaunted as well as newly acquired franchises like Star Wars and Indiana Jones. The massive amount of Disney movies being shown could rub some people the wrong way but Berg notes that movies like The Matrix are included as well, despite the fact it was hard to get other studios on board to help out Disney’s propaganda package.

But at the end of the day, the new Monday Night Football intro represents everything the NFL is today — it’s popular, it’s flashy and it’s on in primetime. Fans will come to love the intro if for nothing else other than it precedes one of the most looked forward to television events of each week.

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