Video: "What If 'Star Wars, Episode II' Was Good?"

The coolest video of the year just got posted last night.

Since the announcement of another Star Wars film entering canon, there has been such an over abundance of Star Wars news and Star Wars-related content popping up all over the internet.

From casting rumors, to story developments, to what kinds of awesome merchandise will inevitably make its way into the world upon Episode VII‘s arrival, talk around the internet has been varied and plentiful.

In fact, it’s feeling a bit like 2007-2009 when everyone in their mother began to re-tool the prequel trilogy into something a bit more fun, pulpy…Star Wars-y. The talk about Star Wars is just all over the place and that won’t ever be a bad thing in my book.

One of the hot topics that has been revived since Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm is the idea that perhaps one day — hopefully not too far off into the future and after Episode VII, VIII and IX wrap up — one day, the prequels will be remade.

At the very least, The Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones should be granted this service. Every other franchise known to man has been given this now pedestrian contemporary Hollywood once (or twice) over, why not Star Wars?

Why not remake a few movies that actually could use a good bit of remaking?

The folks at Belated Media seem to feel the same way and they ask (and answer) a question that has been asked of many a Star Wars diehard fan: “What if Star Wars, Episode II was good?”

Watch the sixteen minute pitch below (slightly NSFW due to language):

And the same site’s views on The Phantom Menace (again, NSFW!):

Can this be forwarded to Lucasfilm head and Star Wars producer Kathleen Kennedy yesterday so that the ball can get rolling on this?

So many of these changes are minor, but have such a huge impact on the story of the Star Wars prequels and the entire saga as a whole.

Things like making Obi-Wan the main character, having Darth Maul be alive and wrecking some direct havoc and instilling doubt and fear into our heroes’ hearts and – *gasp!*- even adding some actual tension, stakes and drama would do wonders for the prequels.

Remakes for the Star Wars prequels are remakes I would happily endorse, embrace and pay for.

Make it happen, Disney.

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