Spike Lee Kickstarter Joint Exceeds $1.25 Million Budget

Spike Lee has always been one to make films anyway he can so he make them the way he wants. Kickstarter seems designed for filmmakers like Lee who have always found it hard to get studio backing for their films but still have amazing stories to tell. While Lee was able to find easy funding for his remake of Oldboy, he also launched a Kickstarter project that has now earned well over the $1.25 million goal that was set.

Per a report from Deadline:

Lee’s Kickstarter has hit $1.29M with four days to go, marking the third-biggest film project to date on the fundraising website behind the Veronica Mars movie’s $5.7M and Zach Braff’s $3.1M. Lee’s success marks a subtle shift in the burgeoning era of celebrity Kickstarters, which routinely have earned scrutiny from critics who accuse them of stealing limelight from smaller campaigns

Lee’s new film has been described by some as a remake of Blacula, a 70s horror that changed the race of Dracula and inspired a slew of blaxplotation horror films in the early 1970s. But according to Lee’s Kickstarter campaign page, the film is Funny, Sexy and Bloody and most certainly not a Blacula remake.

The Kickstarter page, which boasts the title “The Newest, Hottest Spike Lee Joint” reads:

Human beings who are addicted to Blood. Funny, Sexy and Bloody. A new kind of love story (and not a remake of “Blacula”).

So far the campaign has raised $1.3 million when it was set for only $1.25 million. With four days left for “producers” to donate money, it’s likely that the first crowdsourced Spike Lee joint will get a few more bucks thrown it’s way as the film is just earning bonus money at this point.

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