Breaking Bad Final Season: When Is The Last Episode Of Breaking Bad?

Breaking Bad hasn’t been an easy show to digest and understand for some viewers but even for those in the know, the scheduling of the show has been a bit odd as it hasn’t followed a traditional viewing pattern. While last week’s episode was billed as the season premiere of season five, some viewers may have noted that the season five premiere occurred back in fall 2012.

Last week’s episode of Breaking Bad was actually the mid-season premiere of season five as AMC and the series creators cut the final season in half to figure out and film the epic conclusion of the series. That epic conclusion is an event millions of people are waiting for and the date of the Breaking Bad series finale is now known.

If you’re waiting to see what eventually happens to Walter White, be sure to circle September 29th on your calendar.

Series creator Vince Gilligan has been given writing and directing credit on the episode titled Felina, which will be the 62nd and absolute final episode of Breaking Bad.

The show is coming to an end on it’s own terms and the date Breaking Bad fans have been waiting for since last year will be the last Sunday in September. Thankfully, we still have six more weeks of drama and intensity before we get to what will likely be a hard hitting series finale.

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