Breaking Bad: Jesse Pinkman Was Supposed to Die in Season One

As we all prepare ourselves for the final seven episodes of AMC’s hit series Breaking Bad, the topic of death seems to be a constant when talking about what characters will live and who will die. While the main focus is trained on what will happen to Walter White, through four and a half seasons of carnage, a long list of deaths have occurred and we are in store more a few more.

However, one death that was slated to occur but was scrapped was none other than series co-lead Jesse Pinkman, played by Aaron Paul. In a fact that is quickly becoming well known in Breaking Bad circles, series creator Vince Gilligan has stated on a few occasions that Walter White’s drug dealing partner was actually supposed to die at the end of the first season but was kept after writers realized how crucial he could be to Walter’s journey.

Per a character retrospective from The Inquisitor:

Earlier in the series, creator Vince Gilligan revealed that Pinkman was supposed to die at the end of the first season. Essentially he was supposed to be just a bullet point in Walter White’s story of chemistry teacher who broke bad. By the end of the season, Aaron Paul’s Pinkman proved to be indispensable. To Gilligan’s surprise, not only did people take an immediate interest in Jesse, who at one point was nothing more than a one-dimensional squirrely meth dealer to Walter White’s brilliance, but people truly empathized with the character. For many, Jesse’s own insecurities was a mirror for many fans of the show.

Had Jesse been killed, the show would have been drastically altered and likely would not be the same show it is today. It’s not new news that Jesse was almost killed off in the first season but it’s an interesting thing to consider given how focal a subject character deaths are at the moment in Breaking Bad.

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