J. J. Abrams' Bad Robot Studios Releases New "Mystery Box" Teaser

J. J. Abrams and his production studio, Bad Robot, are no strangers to mystery, deception, sleight of hand tactics of marketing.

Today doesn’t mark an end to that trend. The studio just posted a new teaser, entitled “Stranger”, on its Youtube page. It isn’t immediately known what the one minute spot is supposed to be for at the time of this post. See it below to come to your own conclusions:

The first and almost too obvious conclusion is an incredibly dark, almost Gothic, Star Wars, Episode VII tease. But that opening shot could simply be a night sky on a beach, which is where the rest of the teaser takes place.

The tone, style and content certainly doesn’t feel like Star Wars, but maybe that’s the point? Fans of the Star Wars Expanded Universe are certainly used to darker images (like mouths sown shut for instance), but it would definitely be a huge shock to casual fans if this did turn out to be Star Wars related.

Other initial reactions to the trailer include Bad Robot’s involvement with The Twilight Zone or The Crow re-boots, but those stand as mere fan speculation right now.

Bad Robot is involved in so many mediums of entertainment that this teaser could easily be for yet another film production, television show, online series or some other mysterious venture.

What are your thoughts on what this mysterious teaser trailer could be for? Sound off in the comments below!


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