Mark Millar: No X-Men/Fantastic Four Crossover

Mark Millar tweeted this morning that there are no plans for a cross-over between the X-Men and Fantastic Four franchises. Millar serves as a creative consultant for the Marvel films being produced by Fox.

The closest that we are going to come to any such cross-over is an easter egg contained in the Fantastic Four DVD bonus features, where Reed Richards stretches his face to make him look like X-Men’s Wolverine. It should be noted that Wolverine was a temporary member of the Fantastic Four in Fantastic Four #347-349, published from December 1990 through February 1991.

Millar’s tweet:

While Millar makes it clear that there is no cross-over being planned, it would be nice to see the Baxter Building in the New York City skyline in a future X-Men film. The challenge to this being Josh Trank’s reboot, which won’t be released until March 6, 2015. Matthew Vaughn is producing the film and directed the X-Men: First Class reboot in 2011.

Last year, Millar said:

“The team who is running the show over there now I’m very comfortable with. I actually really like everything that they’re doing, and they recognise more than anyone the mistakes that they’ve made in the past and they just want to do right by the fans. Hiring myself was a first step in a number of things that they’re planning and they just really want to be respectful to the material I think. X-Men: First Class, which I absolutely loved, just feels like planting the flag for what they’re planning to do over the next few years.”

I’m hopeful something happens down the road. After all, The Avengers came this close to displaying Oscorp Tower in the New York City skyline.

Millar also spoke with SFX about the reboot. I think this is also where those rumors came from that Millar tweeted about.

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