Woody Allen's Next Film Could Be Funded by Rio de Janeiro

Woody Allen is as prolific as any American director. He has an incredible work ethic and, of late, has released at least a film per year for the past 30+ years of his career. His latest, his 43rd feature length film, Blue Jasmine, has already earned critical praise and its star, Cate Blanchett, is getting a lot of attention from Oscar forecasters.

While Allen has enjoyed a recent “world tour” will his latest string of films (of his last nine films, seven of those films have been joint international productions) and his new film indeed returns Stateside to tell its story, the return might be short-lived.

That might be because Allen’s next film could be funded by the City of Rio de Janeiro.

You read that right.

THR is reporting that the mayor of Rio, Eduardo Paes,  told Brazilian newspaper O Globo that he is willing to pay “anything”, including 100% of the filmmaker’s production costs should he decide to film his next film in the tropical Brazilian city, which will be playing host to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

It seems the Paes, the City and its film department, RioFilme, has been pushing for Allen to shoot there for some time. Here is his enthusiastic response to his dealings with the Bronx-native:

I really want him to come! I did everything. I’ve talked to his sister, I’ve sent him a plane ticket through [architectvSantiagoCalatrava, his neighbor in New York, and I would pay anything for him to come shoot here

Allen is no stranger to being funded by the cities in which he shoots. Back in 2008, there was controversy when the City of Barcelona approved to fund 10% of Allen’s then-latest film, Vicky Cristina Barcelona. That sum of money was reportedly for one million euros and it didn’t sit well with a lot of Spaniards. The fact that the film was pretty good didn’t help lighten the sting of tax-payers’ money going to the American filmmaker’s newest project.

Paes seems very intent on having Woody to Rio for his next film, which would have to wait until 2015 as production for Allen’s 2014  project has already begun in the south of France and will continue in Nice, France in the next few months. That film will star Emma Stone, Colin Firth and Jackie Weaver in lead roles.


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