'Parkland': First Trailer for JFK Assassination Picture is Released

For many, the assassination of United States President, John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 was a defining moment in every American’s life who was alive during those events. The following drama that followed people like Abraham Zapruder, Lee Harvey Oswald, Jack Ruby and ensuing conspiracy theories regarding the Warren Report, Lyndon B. Johnson and the so-called “Magic Bullet” are equally well known.

What might not be such a universal fact is that one location played a huge part in the international drama that was the JFK assassination: Parkland hospital. It was at this Dallas hospital where President Kennedy was pronounced dead, where Lee Harvey Oswald was shot and killed by Jack Ruby and where Ruby subsequently died four years later of cancer.

Parkland Hospital was an epicenter of events and producer Tom Hanks and writer/director Peter Landesman look to explore the events in that hospital in the new film, Parkland.

The first trailer is below.

Parkland stars Billy Bob Thornton, Paul GiamattiZack Effron, Jackie Weaver and James Dale Badge as principals in this great saga. It looks like riveting drama (if a bit hammed up) and the images certainly illicit a response from the viewer, but it seems to take too many things at face value from what is shown here.

Oliver Stone’s classic film, JFK, had questions that were on everyone’s mind during and after the event and asked them unrelentingly. Parkland seems to accept what is coming at them at face value for the most part and that seems a bit disappointing. But one thing Parkland will be able to explore in a more in depth and complete way is the disappearance of JFK’s brain. Stone’s film mentions the occurrence but never dwells on the strange fact, but Parkland‘s setting would hopefully allow that mystery to be investigated in a more thorough manner. The picture is sure to be a hot topic film when it comes out and is certainly at the top of my “to-watch” list.

Parkland debuts at the Venice Film Festival, which begins on August 28th and goes through September 7th and will see wide domestic release later in the year.

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