Pixar artist Josh Cooley pens Movies R Fun

Josh Cooley, a story artist at Pixar Animation Studios, put popular R-rated movie scenes to Pixar-esque animation Movies R Fun In doing so, he has put scenes from R rated movies.

Have you ever wondered what your favorite R-rated movies would look like had they been drawn by the animators at Pixar? Think no more. Mashable has images posted from the first book by Cooley. This one was released in 2010 with a limited run of 1,000 copies. How Curb Your Enthusiasm made the cut, I’m not sure, but it was pretty, pretty good.

Last year, Cooley wrote that he sold out of all 1,000 copies of the 2010 book after someone posted about the book on Reddit.

This past March, Cooley wrote the following on his blog about a follow up book:

I’m working on it right now. The even better news, it is being published by the amazing Chronicle Books. And this book will be bigger and badder and more-er! And probably available pretty much everywhere-er!

Chronicle Books will publish the follow up in March 2014.

Cooley has blogged the images of some of the scenes that did not make the final cut for the next edition. Check it out when you have a chance.

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