Films that are "Ripped from the Headlines"

It appears that Hollywood is using the Law and Order approach to finding topical material to greenlight films with the hope that Oscar comes calling.

Scott Feinberg, in his latest analysis at The Hollywood Reporter, takes note of this. Of course, this whole idea of films and television shows being ripped from the headlines is nothing that’s news.

What is, to be technical here, new is the speed at which they are being greenlit so quickly! Feinberg looks at the films that have already come out this year and are still to come. There’s got to be at least eight pictures, including The Fifth Estate, Phil Spector (made for TV), The Bling Ring, Fruitvale Station, Captain Phillips, Diana, Jobs and Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom.

“I would argue that its rise coincided with the rise of the Internet and the emergence of the 24/7 cable news media, which created, among the American intelligentsia, an insatiable hunger for news that is presented in entertaining ways,” Feinberg writes. “Over the years since then, much of the population has turned en masse to movies that are big-budget fantastical remakes, sequels and adaptations and to TV programs that present escapist ‘reality.’ But the rest still hungers for something closer to ‘real reality,’ and their needs have been met through film and television projects of this sort.”

Feinberg’s analysis is a great read and I suggest you take a look.

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