Ricky Gervais Wants The Office Movie About David Brent's Music Career

It’s been almost a decade since the BBC series The Office aired it’s last special and while we all got a decade of an American version of The Office, many fans have been clamoring to see more of what the source characters are up to. When talking about the original The Office, there is only one man people think of first — David Brent who is portrayed by comedian Ricky Gervais.

After ten years of keeping him off camera, save for a few secret cameos on the last two seasons of The Office on NBC, Gervais is ready to bring Brent back and wants to do so on the big screen.

Per a blurb from The Hollywood Reporter’s profile on Gervais:

…he’s preparing material for another stand-up tour and plans to sign a record deal for his ‘Office’ character, whom he recently revived through his YouTube series ‘Learn Guitar With David Brent.’ The installments began as a stunt for charity, but Gervais hopes they will be the basis for a movie about Brent trying to make it in the music industry.

Gervais has been popping up more and more in character as Brent, who is without a doubt his most enduring character he’s ever created. Most recently Gervais as been filming a web series called Learn Guitar with David Brent which showcases everything fans love about Brent’s shocking lack of self-awareness and his epic awkwardness that makes every situation he’s in uncomfortable.

Gervais has crossed into the realm of film before but he’s never taken a character there before, let alone the one that is his most memorable. Still, fans miss David Brent and a cinematic story about his efforts to break back into the pop music world is something that could draw a wider audience than some think.

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