Game of Thrones Style Wizard of Oz Show Will Air on NBC

Back in the day, a wise man named Huey Lewis told us all it was hip to be square. Today it seems the hip thing to do is to modernize classic ideas and stories and take them to places we haven’t seen before. When The Wizard of Oz was released back in the 1930s, the film literally took audiences to a place they’ve never been before but since then any attempts to modernize Oz and The Emerald City have been fruitless.

That is until the idea of taking The Wizard of Oz and fusing it with the style of Game of Thrones came up. According to a report from Deadline, executives at NBC heard this pitch and have purchased the idea to air on their network.

Emerald City, which Arnold is writing and executive producing through Universal Television, is described as a dark reimagining of the classic tale of Oz in the vein of Game Of Thrones, drawing upon stories from Baum’s original 14 books.

The most successful attempt at reviving the Wizard of Oz and re-imagining it in a new light was the SyFy Channel’s original miniseries Tin Man. Sam Rami brought audiences back to Oz last year with his film Oz: The Great and Powerful which depicted a prequel to the Judy Garland classic through Rami’s unique lens.

But the series that NBC has purchased seems to be the darkest departure from the classic film we’ve seen yet. It’s network television, so don’t expect to see bra-less Dorothy hopping around singing songs with naked Munchinks, but rather expect a tone that is the furthest away from the upbeat style of the original film.

If one had to guess, while Game of Thrones is being tossed around as an example of how Emerald City will be structured, audiences are far more likely to see tonal similarities in shows like Once Upon a Time and Grimm when it comes to what this reboot of The Wizard of Oz will look like.

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