Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck Needs to Be Given a Chance as The Dark Knight

When Warner Brothers announced Ben Affleck as the newest Batman last night, the internet was outraged.

There were some, like myself, who had no issues with his casting. Others, though, decided to blame Affleck for the faults of Daredevil, Armageddon, and Pearl Harbor. I expect those people will reevaluate their decision two summers from now.

The problems with Pearl Harbor and Armageddon were not Ben Affleck’s fault, but Michael Bay‘s fault. The problem with Daredevil was not Ben and Jennifer’s fault, but rather the script and direction from Mark Steven Johnson, who also helmed Elektra and Ghost Rider. Those movies were even worse. I have no doubt that Ben Affleck will be a great Batman. Just look at the work he put in with The Town (2010) and Argo (2012).

This is not the first time that someone has gotten bashed for being cast in a film. There was negative reaction when Chris Evans was cast by Marvel to play Captain America. He played The Human Torch in the two Fantastic Four movies. It should be noted that when films such as Daredevil and Fantastic Four were released, the studio didn’t have a creative shepherd for their Marvel properties like they do now with Marvel writer Mark Millar.

Bill Goodykoontz, a film critic for The Arizona Republic, wrote his thoughts last night about the casting decision. He summed it up rather nicely:

I think I’ll wait until I see the movie to review it.[...]

Is Affleck a safe choice? Sure. And kind of a weird one. Something a little more risky would have been fun, but we won’t know till we see the movie whether Affleck can carry off the role.

I agree with that assessment. Don’t prejudge the casting of Affleck. Judge the casting when the movie comes out.

Mark Walters, who runs, had a series of tweets this morning that expressed how I feel with regards to the people being negative.








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