Simon Pegg Trashes 'Man of Steel', Says Sci-Fi Movies Have Lost Their Way

Simon Pegg used to be so nice and cuddly. The man who audiences came to know as Shaun in Shaun of the Dead or more recently Scotty in J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek reboots, used to keep to himself or only mock things in a fun tone. But while doing press for his latest film, The World’s End, Pegg is sharpening his axe and is going to war with topics he feels you should know his opinion on.

With The World’s End being a pastiche of sci-fi movies the way Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz were to zombie movies and buddy-cop movies respectively, naturally the topic of other science fiction films has come up in interviews with Pegg and he’s shown no fear in taking firm stances either with or against fans.

After his epic middle finger to Trekkies who hated Star Trek: Into Darkness, Pegg took a moment of his time to blast Man of Steel and Transformers, two sci-fi blockbusters that seemed to have let fans down.

“‘Transformers’ is a movie version of a toy, which came out of a series about robots, which was aimed at children, and then suddenly it’s a thing that’s skewed towards adults, but it is just toys fighting. It’s all it is,” Pegg said, via “And it doesn’t really say anything about us or the world. And in my experience of it, it’s just mind-numbingly dull.”

Before his rant against Transformers, Pegg pointed out that cinephiles are trying way too hard to link every robots-destroy-New York movie to historical events like 9/11. While there are films like that out there such as Cloverfield, Pegg says sometimes buildings just fall down.

“I think science fiction’s kind of lost its way over the years, in that people suddenly think it’s about the robots,” Pegg says. “It was never about the robots. It’s always been about the people. And robots have been a metaphor for something. And there doesn’t seem to be a metaphor now. Was ‘Man of Steel’ a metaphor for 9/11? No. It was just us seeing buildings falling down.”

Pegg ends his rant by singling out Man of Steel as a movie trying to say something that it just can’t, which leaves audiences with a strange taste in their mouths upon leaving the theatre — which was exactly the case with Man of Steel.

“That was one of the things that blew me away about ‘Man of Steel,’ that at the end, they’re all at the Daily Planet office just going, “Hey! Let’s go see the Dodgers!” Isn’t everyone dead? Isn’t New York flat? What do you mean, go see the Dodgers?!”

Fanboys will disagree with him but Pegg makes some very valid points. His arguments against the films he mentioned and his defense of his own Star Trek film goes o show that everyone has an opinion about science fiction movies, which is one of the reasons the genre has been so well respected by so many for so long.


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