Justin Timberlake, NSYNC Reunite at MTV VMA's

Ten years ago, Justin Timberlake was still just a guy in a boy band. Fast forward to 2013 and he’s not only a married man, but he’s an NBA owner, a massive pop star, an entrepreneur and a movie star. All of Justin Timberlake’s successes were put on the back burner on Sunday night when he reunited with the band that made him famous as NSYNC got back together for the VMA’s.

MTV had been teasing the event all week long with news of the band acquiring a twitter account leaking which fueled rumors that they would be getting back together.

For years, Timberlake word hard to distance himself from his boy band roots and he’s been able to do that very thing thanks in large part to the impressive movie career he’s put together. When he was in NSYNC, Timberlake couldn’t have been taken less seriously by most people above the age of 14, but with leading roles in big budget movies under his belt as well as work with top notch directors like David Fincher and the Coen Brothers, Timberlake has arrived on the scene with adult critics who have come to respect his film work.

He’s still a pop star first it seems, but Timberlake has managed to find a decent balance between the music world and the movie world. Sunday’s reunion with NSYNC just goes to show that he hasn’t totally forgotten his roots but it also says he’s finally in a place in his career where reuniting with NSYNC is a favor to the band rather than a shameless cry for attention for the talented Justin Timberlake.

Then again, the “reunion” only lasted about two minutes which also shows you how much bigger Timberlake has become than the boy band sensation the actor started with.

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