Miley Cyrus VMA's: Hollywood Reacts to Racy Performance with Robin Thicke

In case the video of the girl from The Ring throwing out a first pitch at a baseball game didn’t creep up your day enough, people everywhere are still reeling from what they endured when Miley Cyrus came on stage and did her best to make everyone watching feel uneasy.

In case you were doing something better — like watching Breaking Bad — Cyrus helped singer Robin Thicke, son of Growing Pains dad Alan Thicke, perform his sexually charged hit song ‘Blurred Lines’ and the lines between Miley Cyrus and Red Light stripper were certainly blurred.

Hollywood reacted with shock on Twitter to Cyrus’ performance in which she beheaded her Hannah Montana image forever and buried with somewhere with Hoffa.





But the best tweet of the night was from Father of the Year, Billy Ray Cyrus who stood right behind his daughter’s performance — not literally.

Thankfully for moviegoers, Cyrus still has a ways to fall before she comes crawling to movies to revive her career as an actress. She’s only barely cracked the film world but in all honesty she could end up being a decent supporting character if she wants to be taken seriously. Whatever unholy mess her performance at the VMA’s was is not the way to do it, but at least she’s erased all traces of films like Last Song from our minds forever.

If she was trying to distance herself from Disney before, she’s light-years away from them now.

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