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Peter Jackson Won't Direct Doctor Who Until 2014 At The Earliest

Peter Jackson is without a doubt one of the most adored filmmakers working today when it comes to directors fanboys cannot get enough of. Despite Jackson’s first effort to return to the Lord of the Rings well with 2012’s The Hobbit, fans everywhere have been sticking up for Jackson for years and everyone wants him to direct the franchise they love.

For months now there have been rumors circulating that Jackson will be directing an episode of Doctor Who, with the most recent rumor popping up this past week stating Jackson would be directing an episode of the upcoming series. However, a report from Deadline not only debunks that rumor, but says Jackson won’t be free to direct Doctor Who until at least 2014.

What has happened is this: Jackson has been given an open-ended invitation to direct an episode of the series if he was ever available. It did not progress beyond that. The director is completely engrossed in the second and third installments of The Hobbit trilogy, and he will not be emerging from Middle Earth for the better part of two years.

Doctor Who fans shouldn’t cry too long about Jackson’s commitments keeping him from directing an episode of the show as the directors commitments are the only thing keeping him from directing an episode of Doctor Who. Both the producers of the show and Jackson have been wanting to make this dream come true for Who fans, but like all good things we must wait for the two sides to come together at a time that works for them both.

From the sound of it, that time won’t be until at least 2014.

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