Batman vs. Superman: Did Christopher Nolan Quit Over Ben Affleck Casting?

The internet is still livid over the decision by Warner Bros to cast Oscar winner Ben Affleck as the next Batman but the choice of actor may have turned off more than just rabid fanboys. According to a report in the Metro UK, Christopher Nolan may be removing himself from all production aspects of Batman vs. Superman over Ben Affleck’s casting.

Per the Metro UK:

 The rumour stems from a press release sent out about the 2015 Man of Steel sequel, which does not list Nolan or his wife as involved with the film. The couple were previously serving as executive producers on the project. … The potential loss of Nolan comes the same week Ben Affleck was controversially confirmed as the new Batman, taking over from Christian Bale and prompting an anti-Ben Affleck petition with more than 50,000 signatures in the process. Draw what connections you will.

Christopher Nolan abandoning a project over a casting decision is on helluva connection to draw, but there is no doubt that fans will read into it that way.

The fact of the matter is Nolan is stepping away from the Warner Bros. comic world and he was actually doing so way back in 2005 after Batman Begins. It was only when Nolan saw the chance to tell a Batman story from beginning to end on film that he was turned on to the idea of making The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises.

It’s true that Nolan’s name was plastered all over Man of Steel, but he was merely a producer as his plate is quite full. Like Stanley Kubrick, Nolan has tunnel vision for the story’s he tells and the director is currently busy in Canada filming Interstellar, something that is sucking up all of his available attention.

But Warner Bros. went as far as reaching out to to confirm that Nolan is still an executive producer. So before you read too far into the rumor that Christopher Nolan quit Batman vs. Superman because he was siding with the fanboys on the ‘Batfleck’ issue, let’s pause for moment to consider reality.

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