'Dallas Buyers Club' Trailer: Matthew McConaughey Smuggles AIDS Treatment in the '80s

Matthew McConaughey has slowly but surely been rising in the ranks of Hollywood as one of the industry’s top “serious” actors. Since his one, two, three punch a couple of years ago with Failure to Launch, Fool’s Gold the classic Surfer Dude, the Texan-native has seen wide critical and commercial success in films with a deeper dramatic core that at one time where impossible to see the man in.

But The Lincoln Lawyer, Mud, Bernie, Magic Mike and even The Paperboy all got critics and audiences alike talking about how adept McConaughey is at playing the every man. His acting chops were hinted at in 1997 in Steven Spielberg‘s criminally overlooked Amistad, but never came into its own until very recently. Now directors like Martin Scorsese (the upcoming The Wolf of Wall Street) and Christopher Nolan (next year’s Interstellar) are beginning to implement McConaughey in a wide variety of roles that bring out his charisma, sense of humor machismo and yea, even the occasional gratuitous “no shirt scene”.

One more director, Canadian Jean-Marc Vallee, has also taken notice of McConaughey and cast him in what looks to be one of the year’s breakout indie hits. Dallas Buyers Club is inspired by true events of a Texas electrician and cowboy who is diagnosed with AIDS and searches for a means to extend his life using “non-approved” drugs from Mexico. He then begins distributing those treatments to other in need American patients, smuggling the drugs across the United States/Mexico boarder.

Dallas Buyers Club is set to debut at the Toronto International Film Festival this September and the first trailer has just been put online, courtesy of Apple.

Watch it on Apple Trailers for now. We will update with an embed when we can.

Pretty powerful stuff.

I have to admit, this film was flying under my radar. The trailer has moved it up with Gravity, The Wolf of Wall Street, American Hustle and Inside Llywen Davis as one of the fall’s must-see pictures. The film co-stars Jennifer Garner, Steve Zahn, Lawrence Taylor and the hugely underrated Jared Leto as McConaughey’s transsexual confidant.

Dallas Buyers Club will see release stateside November 1st (which was moved up from its previous December 6th release just a couple of days ago) and I’d be willing to bet you’ll be hearing a lot more about it come Oscar season.

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