Arrested Development Movie: Jason Bateman Says Film Could Be Released on Netflix

Arrested Development star Jason Bateman spoke to Deadline yesterday about his role as Michael Bluth and the future for Arrested Development. Bateman is nominated for best actor in a comedy for the fourth season of the sitcom.

Of course what fans want to know the most is what is next for the series Arrested Development. There have been rumors of a film ever since the show was canceled on Fox and even with it revived on Netflix, talk of a film finale are still brewing.

Bateman interestingly didn’t call the fourth season of Arrested Development a season at all, instead saying they were just preludes to a movie that he says is coming next.

It was never a fourth season. They were episodes that set up the second and the third act of the movie which is next to come. So it’s a three act saga Mitch wants to tell. He took the first act out of the script and put it in these Netflix episodes. What I understand is that it’s going to be a two-hour movie for theatrical distribution or for Netflix. This will (feasibly) allow the cast to be on the screen at the same time and get around all those contractual barriers that prevent other cast members from appearing on other shows. Maybe that will be in the next year or so.

Bateman also spoke about what comedies work at the box office and what does not perform as well. The meat of what he had to say though centers on the Arrested Development movie and it’s progress. In less than a week we’ve had two heavy weights behind the show come forth and mention a movie with much certainty.

It sounds like even if theaters don’t want the film, Netflix will and an Arrested Development movie is just around the corner for fans.

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