Star Trek: Klingon Warriors Almost Looked Like This in 'Star Trek: Into Darkness' (Photo)

Many Trekkies still hold gripes against J.J. Abrams’ second Star Trek film Star Trek: Into Darkness. The number of reasons both critics and fans alike hold against the film is astonishing given how well the movie actually is, but one thing no one — or at least very, very few– are holding against the movie is the inclusion of Klingons.

The most famous of the Star Trek villains, the Klingons made their Abrams debut in Into Darkness but what we saw wasn’t a rash decision. While the Klingons look as cool as they could, Abrams had a slew of choices to choose from when it came to deciding what his Klingons would look like.

All of the concepts are the same in general with differences to features like including hair, piercings in different areas of the face and the occasional nose plate.

Here’s what some of the concepts looked like:

A full gallery of the available pictures can be seen right here. The concepts are going to be part of the special feature collection on the upcoming Blu-Ray release of Star Trek: Into Darkness due out in September.

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