Batman vs. Superman: Ben Affleck has Michael Keaton's blessing

Michael Keaton, the star of Batman and Batman Returns, has offered his blessing towards Ben Affleck.

The actor was cornered by TMZ and didn’t have much of a choice when asked for comment.

“He’s gonna be great,” the Batman star told TMZ. The TMZ video last 46 seconds.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, man,” Keaton said when asked if he had been asked to take a role in the Batman universe before he added “I could do anything.”

For those keeping tally, that is the third former Batman actor to express his blessing for Affleck taking over the role. He joined both Adam West and Val Kilmer in expressing a positive opinion.

Christian Bale, smartly, is has made the decision to stay quiet on the matter but I expect that he will be hounded by the press at the premiere of David O. Russell’s new film, American Hustle, next month. George Clooney, however, has not been asked for his thoughts even though Gravity premiered at the Venice Film Festival yesterday.

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