LEGO: 'Jurassic Park' Cuusoo Set Looks Phenominal

Back to the Future recently got the LEGO treatment via the brand’s “Cuusoo” line, which enables fans of LEGO to dream up fantasy LEGO sets, post them on a website and campaign for the set to get an actual release. So far only four sets have gained the requisite 10,000 votes needed to enter the LEGO testing and approval phase of the process and have been approved for mass production.

The DeLorean Time Machine Set (which came with MartyMcFly and Doc Brown mini-figures, the real treasure of the set) was met with some lukewarm reception, although it very quickly sold out. Amazon has just recently restocked.

A Ghostbusters Set has also gained a lot of attention (and 10,000 votes…twice!) and will likely see release soon.

Now there’s another big movie-related set making a name for itself within the Cuusoo community: the Jurassic Park Front Gate, complete with Tyrannosaurus Rex, JP Ford Explorer and Dr. Alan Grant, Dr. Ellie Sattler and Dr. Ian Malcom mini figures!

Its a neat little set that could be a lot fun for fans of Jurassic Park (such as this writer). The set has almost 4,000 votes, so it still has a little ways to go before entering the review stage of this long process, but it really is a cool set and one that deserves a look from any fan of LEGO, Jurassic Park or dinosaurs.

I happen to be a rabid fan of all three, so that makes me the prime demographic this thing would be aimed at (apart from being a teenager, I guess); I wish I could vote for this set numerous times, but alas, I must post here and hope people will help its cause.

The attention to detail and scale in this idea is absolutely phenomenal! The mini figures are almost exactly the right size compared to the tyrannosaur figure, which looks like a blast to build. Another important note is that the tyrannosaur is based on the film’s version of the long extinct animal and not off of modern hypotheses of its appearance.

The gate and SUV also look very cool and big and fun fun builds. I really hope people get behind this set so that the Danish toy company can get this set into its production line sooner rather than later!

Vote, vote, vote!

What other LEGO sets do you wish would be part of LEGO’s line?

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