TELLURIDE, CO - AUGUST 31: Festival signage seen on display at the Telluride Feed at the Telluride Film Festival on August 31, 2007 in Telluride, Colorado. (Photo by Arun Nevader/WireImage)

Telluride Film Festival kicks off Oscar season

With today’s start of the Telluride Film Festival in Colorado, Oscar season has officially begun–even if the ceremony is still another six months from today.

It’s still hard to fathom that it’s another six months but we have the Winter Olympics to blame for that. It means another month of actors and filmmakers campaigning for the big trophy.

Over at The Hollywood Reporter, Scott Feinberg, the Lead Awards Analyst and one of the must-follows on Twitter, offered his analysis of what Telluride means as opposed to film festivals in Cannes, Venice, Toronto, and New York.

Telluride is not as exotic or chichi as Cannes and Venice; doesn’t attract as many stars or festivalgoers as Toronto, and doesn’t elicit as much media coverage as New York. But it does offer something that none of the rest can: the first real sense of what the Oscar field is going to look like. Moreover, it draws only the most most passionate film buffs and pundits — because they are the only people able and/or willing to spend the hefty sum required to get here (it’s in the middle of nowhere) and to see the films (everyone, even journalists, must buy an expensive pass to ever see the inside of a theater) — including a ton of Academy members.

Oh, there’s another thing that sets Telluride apart from the others: “In order to even be considered for inclusion, a film must not have previously screened anywhere else stateside.”

Amongst the most recent best picture winners, Slumdog Millionaire (2008), The King’s Speech (2010), The Artist (2011) and Argo (2012) all debuted at Telluride.

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