Batman vs Superman: Fans Makes a Lego Batcave Out of 20,000 Legos

Sports fans get the most credit for being fanatical lunatics willing to wax their chest hair and stand out in sub-zero temperatures in nothing but a G-string in order to sho support for their favorite team. But perhaps the wildest and craziest fans are those of comic books and comic book movies, only they’re not heard from much because most are allergic to the sun.

Proof of both fanatical awesomeness and a lack of getting out is seen in one fans’ monument to The Dark Knight, as they managed to scrounge together 20,000 Legos and make the most amazing miniature Batcave ever seen.

Yeah, just let that soak in.

The work is almost a year old, but with all the negative talk surrounding not only Batman vs. Superman but fan reaction to Ben Affleck’s casting, it’s good to remember that not all Batman fans are fanatical in the same way European soccer fans are about their teams.  The work is credited to  Carlyle Livingston II and Wayne Hussey, two Lego builders who put in over 800 hours to make this masterpiece of geekdom.

The best part is they both got together and made it completely from scratch, ending up with one of the most detailed models of the Batcave ever created by someone not directly involved with one of the films.

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