Riddick: Vin Diesel Says He Leveraged His House, Risked Homelessness to Make Film

There are actors out there that want you to pay them twice to make a movie. Kickstarter is a revolution that asks fans to fund a film they can they go pay and see in the theaters or online. BUt some actors haven’t gotten around to the revolution and are still in the business of old fashion passion projects.

If you needed another reason to love the rekindled career of Vin Diesel, his efforts in producing Riddick will make you champion him even more. Speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, the Riddick star mentioned that he went all out to make a film for his fans, saying he went as far as leveraging his own home in order to fund the film.

Per THR’s profile of Diesel and the production of Riddick:

Since it was his passion project, Diesel was dedicated to making the film happen at all costs. “I had to leverage my house,” Diesel said. “If we didn’t finish the film, I would be homeless.”

While the Spike Lee’s and Zach Braff’s of the world are using crowdsourcing to produce their passion projects, Diesel said that it was something he heard from a fan that motivated him to risk his way of life to give something back to people who helped share his dream with him.

The actor and producer was motivated to continue on with the series after a Riddick fan told him, “We want a rated-R movie and we’d be willing to pay $10 each. Surely you’d have enough to make it then.”

It’s not that Kickstarter is the devil in this scenario, but it’s nice to know that actors still care enough about their fans to simply give back to them rather than ask them to chip in on their own desires. Riddick was not funded by a major studio, which was a departure from the previous two entries in the series.

This also gave Diesel and his crew full creative control over who they wanted to tell Riddick‘s latest adventure, and it all started with a little love from some fans that fanned the passionate fire in Diesel’s soul.

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