Inception Trailer Re-Made For the 1950s (Video)

When it was released in 2010, Inception not only proved that Christopher Nolan is seemingly incapable of making a bad film, but it became one of the most stylish and influential thrillers of it’s time. The trailer alone spawned a brand new sound that we now hear everywhere, that low volume mechanical hum created by Hans Zimmer.

One aspect of Inception that made it such a hit was it’s class and style. Unlike other thrillers these days where everyone is living in a suburban Los Angeles community, Inception called back to the old days of movie classics where Alfred Hitchcock dressed everyone up in a suit before torturing their souls on film.

The classiness of Inception helped sell the mind-screw plot that Nolan threw at us and it helped make it believable in an odd way. So, naturally moviegoers may have been interested to see what Inception would have looked like if it were actually a 1950s thriller and not a modern film drawing from 50s thriller tropes.

That’s exactly what one fan did, splicing together an Inception trailer in the stylings of a 1950s trailer:

This fan made trailer, one of a few standouts that have surfaced in the last few days including a stellar Batman vs. Superman trailer that will blow you away, is proof that Nolan’s vision transcends eras and could have existed in any age of cinema.

Obviously it would have been a different visual film, but given the gift Nolan has, shooting Inception on a 1950s budget is something the would have likely encouraged Nolan to make the film even grittier than it already was. He’s a true talent and we learn everyday that his timelessness makes him the best director in Hollywood today.

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