Twilight and How Hollywood Knock Offs Are Ruining Modern Big Budget Filmmaking Strategy


There was a time and place in the mid-late 90’s when it was common practice to make the same movie over and over again and still manage to be successful. With films like She’s All That, 10 Things I Hate About You,  Cruel Intentions to teen horror fare like Scream to Urban Legend the mid-late 90’s recycled the same writers and even cast members (Sarah Michelle Gellar, Freddie Prinze Jr, Matthew Lillard) all while turning a tidy profit on teenagers inability or care about viewing the same product over and over again.

All of that has changed, as the modern teen twenty-something has gone from Hollywood novice, receiving their information from coveted insiders, to becoming the insiders themselves. Whether it be the latest box-office movie info, movie news, film production updates the modern teen-twenty something  moviegoer will not be easily swayed or deceived by a cheap Hollywood knockoff.

The success of the Twilight films, all of which have grossed from $400M-over $800 Million worldwide, have spawned a nasty set of  big budgeted mega-flops, all vying to be the “next big thing”. From Beautiful Creatures to the recently released The  Mortal Instruments and The Host, none of those films have grossed above $40 Million domestically, yet were expected to become tent-pole movies in the likeness of Twilight. All of this seems to spell impending doom for another upcoming franchise wannabee, the soon to be released Divergent.

So how can movie studios learn from their mistakes? Focus on TV, and stop making over priced non profitable films based on mildly successful virtually unknown teen novellas.

From Vampire Diaries, to True Blood to the new “ Teen Wolf,” the TV industry has focused on modestly budgeted, niche market TV series’s, that embrace  the world of Twilight and continue be a profitable  medium in regards to attracting and building a fervent and lucrative  fan-base that constantly tune into their favorite show week after week.

So what can the movie industry learn this time around? Maybe they should  start thinking outside the box rather than looking within to create the next big thing.

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