Hayao Miyazaki to Retire from Feature Directing

At a Venice Film Festival press conference, Studio Ghibli president, Hoshino Koji, announced that famed director Hayao Miyazaki would be retiring from feature directing. Miyazaki San’s eleventh feature film, The Wind Rises is currently in competition at the Italian film festival.

The retirement announcement was just a preliminary one, as a more formal announcement will come during the coming week with a dedicated press conference in Japan to follow.

This is a surprising announcement from the Japanese animation giant. Miyazaki San was a pioneer in Japanese animation and his signature touch will surely be missed at the studio and in the film community. Koji San’s words were specific to Miyazaki San’s direction, so the door, as of now, remains open on Miyazaki San produced features in the future, possibly with his son Goro Miyazaki, whose From Up On Poppy Hill was a big hit in Japan in 2011.

Further details on the retirement where not given.

The Wind Rises will see U.S. distribution via Disney whenever that studio decides to release the film, which has already made a splash in Japanese theaters.

The latest trailer is below.

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