Newsroom Cancelled: Is HBO Parting Ways with Jeff Daniels, Aaron Sorkin Show?

HBO has had a run in the past few years where it’s had a fair share of hit shows. HBO has normally been on the ball when it comes to putting out quality original content, whether it be the days of Entourage and Deadwood to Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire. They aren’t always smash hits the way Game of Thrones is but HBO is home to shows like Newsroom that bring in ratings, awards and money to the network.

But the question of how long this run will last has been brought up more than once and the show is only in it’s second season. Academy Award winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin is the mind, body and soul behind the show but he isn’t shy about telling the world just how draining it is to keep the show going even after just two seasons on the air.

Sorkin admitted to The Hollywood Reporter that he’s simply out of ideas after two seasons, hinting that Newsroom might be put on the shelf after this current season ends. Not only that, but Sorkin seems to have his plate full with other projects, including focusing on more film work.

Per BuzzFeed:

Sorkin has lots of other things to do. Like finish his adaptation of Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography for Sony, the studio that made The Social Network, which he’s been attached to since May 2012. There’s his long-in-development script for The Trial of the Chicago 7 as well, which has recently emerged from purgatory with Paul Greengrass attached as a director.

This isn’t to say that Sorkin will abandon Newsroom, but unlike his previous endeavors — most notably the long running The West Wing — it seems Newsroom lives and dies with Sorkin’s interest in the subject matter. The West Wing continued on after Sorkin left the show, but he’s much more involved with how Newsroom is crafted, as every single episode has been written by him with the help of a few staffers and consultants.

Sorkin won an Oscar for penning The Social Network and was nominated for Moneyball as well. Sorkin is a rarity, a rock star screenwriter that most people are familiar with. You don’t see that these days and there is much more money to be had in producing Oscar wining films than HBO shows that will never see syndication.

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