Star Trek Into Darkness Bluray Bonus Features Upset Trek fans

Fans of Star Trek Into Darkness looking for bonus features on the Blu-ray disc are out of look.

The J.J. Abrams movie, which drops on September 10th, doesn’t even include the director’s commentary on the disc. Instead, fans will have to turn to iTunes to listen to the commentary. This is completely unfair to fans that expect the commentaries on the disc and don’t use iTunes. I’m one such consumer.

According to TrekCore, the standard Bluray disc has less than an hour of bonus features.

The standard Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray release includes just a handful of behind-the-scenes featurettes – completely produced in-house by Bad Robot, the film’s production company, and not by Paramount – running just over 40 minutes. Yep, that’s it – no deleted scenes, no audio commentary, not even a set of trailers for the film.

It’s really sad that filmgoers that want to watch bonus features are essentially screwed. I don’t buy a movie just for the film but for the bonus content as well. To limit the director’s commentary to just iTunes users is completely unfair and ought to be rectified.

While I enjoy Star Trek and own the first film of the rebooted series, I just cannot envision myself buying this new on on Blu-Ray if it means not having the bonus features in full. Paramount Pictures and Bad Robot Productions has done a disservice to Star Trek fans everywhere.

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