Rocky V Star Tommy Morrison Dead at 44

Former heavyweight boxer and Rocky V star Tommy Morrison died in a Nebraska hospital Sunday night of ‘undisclosed causes’, according to USA Today. Morrison’s manager Tony Holden informed the media that the boxer had died, but did not give any more information as to what caused Morrison’s death.

Per USA Today:

Morrison’s former manager, Tony Holden says his longtime friend died Sunday night at a Nebraska hospital. The family would not disclose the cause of death. Morrison tested positive for HIV in 1996.

Morrison not only starred in Rocky V, but he was a former heavyweight champion of the world. Morrison took down George Foreman in 1993 but lost the title two years later when he stepped into the ring with Lennox Lewis who took the title in six rounds.

However, film audiences will remember Morrison from his role as Tommy “The Machine” Gunn in Rocky V. Morrison’s Hollywood connection runs deeper than just his role in Rocky V as he was the great grandnephew of film legend John Wayne. In fact, that’s where Morrison derived his boxing nickname ‘The Duke’, as it was a tribute to Wayne and Morrison’s lineage.

Morrison was attempting a comeback as recently as 2006, but he was never able to break back into the world of boxing the way he did during his glory days in the late 80s and early 90s. Morrison was 44 years old.

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