2013 Summer Movie Box Office: Iron Man 3, Star Trek and the Top Films of the Summer

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Labor Day weekend marks the official end to the summer movie season. It’s been an interesting summer to say the least. Whether the studios choose to learn something from that remains to be seen.

Here are the top ten releases from this past summer movie season–some of these are still in release so these may not end up being the final box office numbers.

10. The Conjuring
Domestic: $134,157,000
Foreign: $109,500,000
Worldwide: $243,657,000

9. The Great Gatsby
Foreign: $186,200,000
Worldwide: $331,040,419

8. The Heat
Domestic: $157,416,000
Foreign: $57,196,000
Worldwide: $214,612,000

7. World War Z
Domestic: $200,624,000
Foreign: $331,600,000
Worldwide: $532,224,000

6. Star Trek Into Darkness
Domestic: $228,481,000
Foreign: $234,000,000
Worldwide: $462,481,000

5. Fast & Furious 6
Domestic: $238,680,000
Foreign: $548,800,000
Worldwide: $787,480,000

4. Monsters University
Domestic: $264,205,000
Foreign: $450,900,000
Worldwide: $715,105,000

3. Man of Steel
Domestic: $290,327,998
Foreign: $367,000,000
Worldwide: $657,327,998

2. Despicable Me 2
Domestic: $355,662,000
Foreign: $467,500,000
Worldwide: $823,162,000

1. Iron Man 3
Domestic: $408,643,923
Foreign: $805,700,000
Worldwide: $1,214,343,923

It really is no surprise that prequels, sequels or reboots finished in the top six slots. These types of films have pre-awareness to where the studios are able to sell the concepts in domestic and foreign markets. Of the films taking slots 7-10, only The Great Gatsby is a remake but it should be noted that World War Z is based on a graphic novel, which helps with the pre-awareness of the title. Having Brad Pitt lead the cast didn’t hurt either.

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