Jeff Daniels Announces HBO Has Renewed Newsroom For a Third Season

There was starting to be some doubt about the future of HBO’s critical hit show Newsroom, but those fears were put to rest on Tuesday night. With no word from series creator Aaron Sorkin about the show, star Jeff Daniels tweeted out news that fans have been wanting to hear for some time.

Up until Daniels tweet, there were some that thought Sorkin might end the show or at least put it on hiatus. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter before the start of the second season back in July, Sorkin noted that he was swamped with film work and was fighting writers block.

HBO displayed interest in bringing back the show before Sorkin did, which led many to believe a decision to end the show would be on Sorkin’s terms. That’s not the case though, at least not at this point in the show. Sorkin isn’t walking away from his film work and the duration of his stay on the show is unknown but Newsroom is coming back for at least one more season and HBO will likely rake in the award nominations through the 2014 TV season.

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