LeBron James Teams with Boston Red Sox Chairman to Produce Original Content Starz

LeBron James is still trying to be like Mike — Micheal Jordan that is — and he’s attempting to follow His Airness in all aspects of his career. Not only is James now a two-time NBA Champion, a four time NBA MVP and the best player on the planet at the moment, he’s also getting into the entertainment business, much like Jordan did back in the 90s.

No this doesn’t mean we’re getting the much joked about Space Jam 2, rather James will be stepping behind the camera rather than in front of it in his latest venture. According to Screen Crush, the Miami Heat star has partnered with Boston Red Sox chairman Tom Werner to produce original content for the premium channel ‘Starz’.

Per James’ statement on the matter, the NBA star says he has a “deep passion” for shows like Boardwalk Empire and the recently cancelled Magic City and wants to get in on the business.

“I have a deep passion for the amazing television being created right now. I love ‘Boardwalk Empire,’ ‘Magic City,’ ‘Scandal’ and ’24.’ When my business partners Tom Werner and Maverick Carter brought up the idea of creating a television series that would capture the story of what happens when you make it out, I jumped at the chance. For Maverick and I even to be where we are right now, given where we came from, is kind of hard to believe. I felt like it was a story that needed to be told, and nobody can craft a story like Tom Werner. He has an incredible vision for television and I’m really excited to partner with him and the rest of our team.”

You have to credit James for being extremely business savvy with this decsion. Television is experiencing a golden era when it comes to the quality of content it’s producing as while hit shows like Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy are reaching their conclusion, new shows like Low Winter Sun and Scandal are either just starting or hitting a peak.

James’ first project will be as executive producer on a half-hour comedy sitcom for Starz. Werner is a television veteran having worked on Cosby with comedian Bill Cosby, so it’s not like James is flying blind — in fact he has a rather decent co-pilot.

It’s not certain whether or not James will help produce channel specific films like HBO produced recently with Larry David, but working with Starz and the quality of screenwriter that exists today means we could one day get a gloriously tongue-in-cheeck Space Jam sequel we’ve all been waiting for.

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