Viral: The Dark Notebook Rises

What happens when The Dark Knight Rises meets The Notebook? The result is The Dark Notebook Rises, a one-minute, twenty-three-second video that hit YouTube in the last week or so.

In the short video, which starts with James Garner’s voice while reading the notebook, Batman and villain Bane fight each other while dialogue from Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling are dubbed into the scene. Batman’s voice comes from McAdams while Gosling voices Bane.

Batman, in McAdams’ voice, asks if Bane thinks he is a bird. Bane doesn’t really want to respond to that. Eventually, Bane finally answers back. Finally, the video cuts to Batman’s Tumbler and let’s just say it ends on the steamy side.

I don’t think that Bane wrote Batman a letter every single day. If he did, they were likely lost in the mail.

It’s very weird to watch but it’s more on the Nicholas Sparks side of things then the Christopher Nolan side of things.

The video is the creation of Mark Petro & Tom Ross.

The character, Batman, will be in the sequel to Man of Steel but will be played by Ben Affleck as Christian Bale decided he was done with the cape following The Dark Knight Rises.

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