Batman, Chinatown and The Top 10 Most Memorable Jack Nicholson Movies Ever

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Jack Nicholson quietly retired from acting on Wednesday morning, leaving behind a body of work that has become what aspiring actors strive to have. Not only has Nicholson consistently found work since breaking into acting back in 1958 with the help of Roger Corman’s Cry Baby Killer.

But little did anyone know at the time, that the lead actor in Cry Baby Killer would continue to have a career for the next half century and become the most decorated actor in movie history, being nominated more times than anyone before him or since. Just about every film Nicholson starred in was a hit in some way or another and some of his roles have gone down as iconic pieces of cinematic history.

In honor of Nicholson’s retirement from acting, let’s take a look at his top ten roles he ever stepped into. 

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